Feedback from clients
"I rate you incredibly highly as a therapist. Your calm, clarity and insight are very powerful tools for change. I feel absolutely confident when I'm in your care, and know that when I slip back you'll still be there to bring me round again. After many years of psychotherapists, NLP has a wonderful trick of getting me down to my basic self without those tormenting sessions of reliving my past experiences - a genuine short cut. "

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help. Through out our sessions together I really feel they have made a significant difference in a number of ways. After the first session I felt much more secure, this had an immediate impact on my relationship with myself and my work situation. It also gave me the impetus I needed to get on and write the new web site I had been thinking about for months but had not had the courage to face, and to applying for jobs along a completely different career path.
Since our subsequent sessions I have now begun work on expanding my own business and am writing a novel that I've wanted to do for years. I had a complete block about this before and could not visualise what I wanted to say or how I could put it together but the day following our session the words and ideas came flooding into my head and I could not get them down quick enough."

"I feel fundamentally different, still me, but no longer labouring"

"Jane creates a safe, caring space for change to happen... She has an elegant way of eliciting what "this" is really about... Things are as they are without judgment. Jane has worked with me on some deep and personal issues and each time I felt empowered with a new perspective and a way forward."

"A number of brilliant NLP sessions with Jane have really helped me through a difficult time in my life, bringing greater clarity, insight and understanding. Seemingly impossible situations became possible, and life was once more within my control. NLP with Jane has helped my health, my relationships and my children, all of which has brought about a more positive state of mind - and it has lasted! Jane is sensitive, caring and supportive, but never intrusive or controlling in any way. A true facilitator and, in fact, a bit of a magician!"